by maddyrotman1

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We all have our off days.

Most of the time they are because of a specific event that throws you off, but sometimes they are unexplainable and unavoidable. Monday was one of those days for me where I was having a bad day for no particular reason. Being a generally positive person, I always try my hardest to turn bad days around. There are multiple things I can do to make that happen but on Monday, I relied on the beach to lift my spirits.

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The crazy thing is that this was no day for the beach. Not only was it raining, there were also insane winds coming from the ocean current. However, I was determined to not be stopped by this as my friend Lilla and I headed to our favorite private beach after school. Considering how cold it was outside, I had no initial intentions of going in the ocean but as I walked along the sand the soft, gloomy waves looked absolutely irresistible. I ran into the water, I could see Lilla’s stare of utter confusion as she looked at me like I was mental. And looking back on it, I was! But regardless of the temperature, the spontaneous plunge made me feel like a million bucks and the sky even cleared up when I came out. From then on out, my day was completely turned around and I no longer had the unexplainable gloomy feeling hanging over me.

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photos by Maddy Rotman and Lilla Petruska

Next time you’re feeling blue, take a dip in the biggest blue of all!

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