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Hello friends!

This past January, my very best friend, Lucia, left on an incredible journey to France for a six month study abroad program. She had known for years it would be something she would do after living in Paris for a year when she was younger. Although I was thrilled that she would be able to unleash her independent side and come back with hundreds of fabulous stories to tell, I never imagined it would be this hard to go sixth months without my beloved weirdo of a friend. Of course we text very often and even get to facetime occasionally (even if its secretly in the middle of one of my classes ha ha yaa time difference) but its never as satisfying as I would hope.

I was originally going to try to write about some of the awesome things Lucia’s been up to in good ol’ Francy pants (such as recently moving straight into PARIS!!!) but she already summed it all up beautifully in this lovely little blog post on GO CHECK IT OUT!

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Comment below and let me know where YOU would love to study abroad.

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photos by Maddy Rotman



flume-cs_10photo from ALL HAIL HARLEY EDWARD STRETEN With an overflow of prominent awards, headlining spots at the world’s biggest music festivals, and a rapidly growing, crazed fan base, the DJ better known as Flume is taking the music industry by storm. On Easter, Flume decided to make a quick stop in my hometown of Santa Barbara, CA right after his set at Coachella (?!?!??! who the hell got that to happen ?!?!!!?). I was fortunate enough to see his godly figure rise for the second weekend in a row from his illuminated infinity prism (talk about resurrection). Being myself, I punched, pushed, and shoved to the front and center to see my love’s face up close and personal. My aggressive tactics were successful and I was basically touching him 🙂 AND HE KILLED IT. unnamed unnamed-1 THREE DAYS LATER… Harley decided to be a bae and release one of the best songs I’ve heard by him in my life so far. Watch the video below (ft. black, female Jesus) in a dark room with your headphones turned all the way up to understand what I’m talking about. Leave me a comment and let me know what your opinion on Flume is! Maddy




Last August, my friends and I got to go to Outside Lands, a music festival in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. For starters, this was one of the best weekends of my life. Whether I was in a mosh pit, under a shady tree, or even in a hippy yurt drinking tea while a Brazilian man serenaded me with his guitar and stories of his times as a teenager, (yes that actually happened) I was radiating pure joy. As if the incredible music, gorgeous setting, and high energy of all the concert-goers wasn’t enough, something else that didn’t fail to impress me was the FOOD. The endless rows of food vendors collectively offered every type of food you can imagine! If I’m remembering correctly, I consumed tacos, mac and cheese, and pad thai all in the same day at one point. (Not the healthiest option, but with all the walking and dancing you do throughout the day, its okay to treatcha’self)

Have I mentioned the chocolate forest yet? CHOCOLATE. FOREST. PEOPLE. No, this was not the name of one of the food trucks. There was literally a section of the park’s forest closed off and dedicated to chocolate vendors called “Choco Lands” which was basically a fairytale. I don’t know if I cried more while seeing Paul McCartney perform or after I ate a four pound peanut butter cup. Regardless, its fair to say I really enjoyed the food at Outside Lands.

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all photos taken by Maddy Rotman



Although they may be considered old fashioned, cookbooks are my go-to source for recipe inspiration. I was lucky enough to get my hands on one recently that has become my all time favorite. Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi is a perfect combination of mouth watering recipes that are also all healthy! The book’s main focus is on vibrant vegetables and how to transform them into delicious, rich meals with the help of nutritious grains. Although he is not vegetarian himself, the Israeli chef and author puts an incredibly unique twist on vegetarianism. Not only do I think the recipes are brilliant, the photography by Jonathon Lovekin is also flawless (or good enough to make me drool at least).

Some of my favorite recipes include the Avocado, quinoa, and fava bean salad, the lemon and goat cheese ravioli, the eggplant tricolore, and the broccoli and gorgonzola pie. Although they appear to be complicated at first, Ottolenghi breaks down the recipes into simple steps that anyone can handle!

Some of Ottolenghi’s other great books are Jerusalem: A Cookbook, and Ottolenghi: The Cookbook.

Make sure to check him out and let me know what you think of his books!

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“When we slice a tomato, we want to see the tomato, we’re never going to dice it to perfect one-centimeter dices because then it doesn’t look like the fruit anymore. Both Sami and I know when we see something and it feels natural and real. Anything that strays away from that direciton is not really our cup of tea.” – Yotam Ottolenghi; The Huffington Post


Photos all courtesy of Jonathon Lovekin; Plenty