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We all have our off days.

Most of the time they are because of a specific event that throws you off, but sometimes they are unexplainable and unavoidable. Monday was one of those days for me where I was having a bad day for no particular reason. Being a generally positive person, I always try my hardest to turn bad days around. There are multiple things I can do to make that happen but on Monday, I relied on the beach to lift my spirits.

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The crazy thing is that this was no day for the beach. Not only was it raining, there were also insane winds coming from the ocean current. However, I was determined to not be stopped by this as my friend Lilla and I headed to our favorite private beach after school. Considering how cold it was outside, I had no initial intentions of going in the ocean but as I walked along the sand the soft, gloomy waves looked absolutely irresistible. I ran into the water, I could see Lilla’s stare of utter confusion as she looked at me like I was mental. And looking back on it, I was! But regardless of the temperature, the spontaneous plunge made me feel like a million bucks and the sky even cleared up when I came out. From then on out, my day was completely turned around and I no longer had the unexplainable gloomy feeling hanging over me.

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photos by Maddy Rotman and Lilla Petruska

Next time you’re feeling blue, take a dip in the biggest blue of all!

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Hello Everyone!

Every once in a blue moon, I find myself having a day to relax. Lucky for me, yesterday was one of these wonderful days. In desperate need of a summer tease, I walked to the beach with Lilla and we stopped at our favorite cliff along the way to admire the view we so often take for granted.

Rule #1 of living in Santa Barbara: Always stop to admire a view

Rule #2: NEVER TAKE IT FOR GRANTED.0370001503700004I don’t know why I’m such a sucker for glimmering horizons but they make me feel a certain way that I never feel otherwise. Add in a nice song and I’ll be in a good mood for the rest of the week! Lilla recently showed me the song “Suburban Dogs” by Real Estate and I’ve been hooked ever since. It is the perfect tune for those easy breezy days off when you feel like you have all the time in the world and it is guaranteed to make you want to be outside.

Speaking of being outside, something I’ve been doing a lot of recently is walking. I have never been one to go on walks or runs (in fact I dreaded them) but recently I’ve found that they are one of the easiest ways to enjoy the good old outdoors that we so often deprive ourselves of. Not to mention, its great exercise! If you ever have some extra time in your day, I encourage you to try it.

Comment below and let me know what your favorite relaxing day activity is.

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Growing up in Santa Barbara, CA has made me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Most days, I wake up to sun shining in my window and the faint sounds of the ocean around me. I know this sounds like the cheesiest thing in the world but its no exaggeration. Every day of my life I am grateful for my surroundings and even if I’m having a bad day or someone around me is, I often find myself saying “Hey, at least we live in Santa Barbara” or as my friend JM likes to put it, “We live in a place people vacation in. So suck it.”

IMG_2933kayaking with Princess Lucia

What makes SB so special to me is the ocean. Other than being a fun place to splash around in with your friends, it can also be therapeutic. It allows me to let go of all my worries and just go with the flow. For some it’s too cold, but I’ve become used to it. I’ll never forget the day my friends Reyna, Nina and I decided to go to the beach on a rainy day. I can’t remember why, but we were all having an absolutely terrible day and needed to get away together so we decided to go to a very private beach called Hammonds. When we got there I remember sprinting down the beach to our favorite spot, stripping down, and running for our lives into the freezing cold water. All of our worries instantly ceased and we swam around, diving under the big waves for at least an hour. Once we had gotten enough seaweed in our hair and sand in our bathing suits, we ran out and perched ourselves on top of a small cliff overlooking the beach. What was so special about it was because it was such a cold day, we didn’t see a single other person on the beach and it felt as though it was our own little world. Ever since then, the ocean has been my happy place.

Comment below and let me know what your happy place is.



rainy beach day with Reyna and Nina



Its every girl’s dream to travel to the big apple with their closest girl friends for an ultimate city experience. Somehow, this past summer, this dream of mine came true when my dearest friends and I ventured to New York City for a week of a lifetime.

It all started when my teeny tiny dance team from Santa Barbara went to a three day dance convention/competition called The Pulse in Las Vegas, NV. We got to take classes from some of the world’s most sought out choreographers and perform in a showcase one of the nights. Incredibly, out of all the insanely talented dancers featured in the showcase, my company’s dance was selected along with two other dances from other studios to perform at another Pulse showcase in the one and only NYC (you can imagine the screaming that occurred when we found out).


After a couple months of planning and figuring out every last detail of what the week would entail, we packed our bags, kissed our palm trees goodbye, and headed across the country. As someone who has relatives on the east coast, I had been to New York a fair amount of times beforehand. However, I had never seen it like this. I’m not sure if it was the fact that I was much older or that I was with all my best friends (unsupervised most of the time), but something about the trip made me fall in love with the city in a way that I had never previously experienced.


Three things I’ll never forget from the trip:

1) Eating dinner at a very hidden restaurant that overlooked ALL of Time Square.

2) Running across the street in flowy pants, trying not to get run over by relentless cab drivers and falling flat on my face (my pants also decided to fall down).

3) Getting up and trying to recover by running even faster across the remainder of the crosswalk and falling (more like sliding) on the hard black concrete AGAIN. This time I didn’t have to worry about cab drivers running me over because they were all laughing at me so hard, it was basically impossible for them to drive.

There you have it folks, my fabulous and not so fabulous adventure in the concrete jungle!

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Comment below and let me know what your favorite girls trip would be!


all photos taken by Maddy Rotman


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DISCLAIMER: This post is not about food.

Being born and raised in Santa Barbara, California, I’m fairly used to the usual weather of 73 degrees, no clouds. However, every now and then  SB’s pattern has a hiccup which in yesterday’s case, was rain. I LOVE rain. It may just be because it is so scarce where I live (shout out to the drought) or it could reflect my persona in a way, but whatever the reason, I love it. Something about bundling up, listening to the sounds of droplets hitting my roof, and adjusting my eyes to the cool gray and dark blue tones of the sky makes me feel so calm. In a nutshell, rainy days in my house turn into cozy snuggle fests.

I got to enjoy this specific one with one of my best friends, Ruth. After a long day at school, we came back to my house to make tea, bump our rainy day playlists, and curl up with some books. We turned my bed into a sea of blankets and opened up the small window above it to let in the sounds and breeze of the rain. I was observing how comfy Ruth looked and couldn’t help but snap some pictures to share.


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Favorite Rainy Day Things:

Songs: Heart by MMOTHS and Out Getting Ribs by King Krule

Movie: It’s A Wonderful Life

Drink: Peppermint Tea

Literature: Shel Silverstein poems

Activity: bubble baths

Comment and let me know what your favorite rainy day rituals are.

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All photos taken by Maddy Rotman