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Hello friends!

This past January, my very best friend, Lucia, left on an incredible journey to France for a six month study abroad program. She had known for years it would be something she would do after living in Paris for a year when she was younger. Although I was thrilled that she would be able to unleash her independent side and come back with hundreds of fabulous stories to tell, I never imagined it would be this hard to go sixth months without my beloved weirdo of a friend. Of course we text very often and even get to facetime occasionally (even if its secretly in the middle of one of my classes ha ha yaa time difference) but its never as satisfying as I would hope.

I was originally going to try to write about some of the awesome things Lucia’s been up to in good ol’ Francy pants (such as recently moving straight into PARIS!!!) but she already summed it all up beautifully in this lovely little blog post on GO CHECK IT OUT!

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Comment below and let me know where YOU would love to study abroad.

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photos by Maddy Rotman