Coachella Pt. I

by maddyrotman1


COACHELLA. Every teenage girl’s dream!

Last weekend I was lucky enough to fulfill this dream of mine. After a week of packing, screaming, and preparing, my friends and I headed down the coast in a decked out coachella-mobile, ready for the three days ahead of us (or so we thought). Our trip started at the bright and early time of 6 AM on Friday morning. After a four hour drive straight into the festival, we were practically peeing our pants with excitement.

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At Coachella, there is a contest called “Carpoolchella” where festival-goers with at least four people in their car can decorate their cars in hopes of being selected by a secret spotter to win a prize which could be back stage passes, merchandise gift cards, or free VIP tickets for life. My friends and I decided to go all out for the contest and paint our car from hood to toe. As we pulled up to the parking lot and were approached by the two secret spotters, we thought we had it in the bag AND WE DID. We won Carpoolchella! BUT… no one ever told us that everyone in the car has to be eighteen years old or over. Consequently our victory was stripped from us and we walked away with nothing. Major damper, yes- but not for long! The moment we stepped foot onto the Empire Polo Field grounds our excitement was rekindled.

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