Coachella Pt. II

by maddyrotman1


When people say Coachella is the best three days of your life, they’re not exaggerating. When people say the three days after Coachella are the worst days of your life, their REALLY not exaggerating. My Coachella experience consisted mainly of eating, shoving, dancing, and most of all, screaming. Whether I was at the front row of Flume, in the middle of an RL Grime mosh pit, or chilling in the back of the Doo Lab listening to Slow Magic, I was having the best time of my life. Some of the highlights other than the ones listed above included waiting in line next to Vanessa Hudgens for a solid ten minutes, getting to see both Snoop Dog and Gwen Stefani surprise everyone at the Pharrell Williams show, and (my personal favorite) standing under P Diddy as he showered the audience with champagne. It was quite surreal.

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Although 90 degrees during the day, the valley winds picked up at night, just in time time to cool everyone off. This meant more energy for dancing and LIGHT SHOWS. The Sahara tent was the go to spot for an unreal light show, my favorite being Dillon Francis. During his show, I thought I was having a seizure (in a good way).

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Thanks for tuning into part II!