by maddyrotman1


Over spring break, my good friend James turned sixteen. To celebrate the day he threw an all day party at the beach. Despite the gloomy, rainy days that led up to the event, the sun must have somehow gotten the memo that it needed to make an appearance for a special someone. Thankful for the great weather, we spent the day lazily lounging in the sun and messing around in the water. James also serenaded us with his guitar as we enjoyed the view.

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After the fun day, my friends and I built up quite the appetite so we headed to our favorite sushi restaurant, Sakana, for dinner. The remainder of the night consisted of more hanging out by my friend’s pool and lots of sleep (all thanks to the sun for tiring us out). Overall, the vibe of the day was very lazy. It felt like another tease of summer where we had all the time in the world at our hands and no worries on our minds until Monday when we realized the pleasure was only temporary. Seven months down, two to go!



photos by Maddy Rotman

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