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baths_3Isn’t he just fabulous?! picture from

My favorite Baths song ^^


I recently got to go to a very small concert to see the DJ Baths. Baths, aka Will Wiesenfeld is an American electronic musician with an incredibly eclectic sound that I fell in love with last year. Some of his trademarks include sampling very strange child like voices, ambient tracks, and long, majestic fades. Basically, as my friend William likes to put it, he’s an “overweight hipster raping a synth”. Although my interest in his music faded a while ago, his concert at Velvet Jones in Santa Barbara was only $12 so I thought “hey, why not”. Even though he didn’t play my favorite songs by him, his fun vibe and good stage presence made me happy I went.


After his performance, my friends and I waited in line where he was selling merchandise just to thank him for his existence and for the song “Aminals”, a wide eyed bombastic ode to childhood wonder (linked above). He even took a selfie with us!!! (highlight of my life).

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