by maddyrotman1


Growing up in Santa Barbara, CA has made me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Most days, I wake up to sun shining in my window and the faint sounds of the ocean around me. I know this sounds like the cheesiest thing in the world but its no exaggeration. Every day of my life I am grateful for my surroundings and even if I’m having a bad day or someone around me is, I often find myself saying “Hey, at least we live in Santa Barbara” or as my friend JM likes to put it, “We live in a place people vacation in. So suck it.”

IMG_2933kayaking with Princess Lucia

What makes SB so special to me is the ocean. Other than being a fun place to splash around in with your friends, it can also be therapeutic. It allows me to let go of all my worries and just go with the flow. For some it’s too cold, but I’ve become used to it. I’ll never forget the day my friends Reyna, Nina and I decided to go to the beach on a rainy day. I can’t remember why, but we were all having an absolutely terrible day and needed to get away together so we decided to go to a very private beach called Hammonds. When we got there I remember sprinting down the beach to our favorite spot, stripping down, and running for our lives into the freezing cold water. All of our worries instantly ceased and we swam around, diving under the big waves for at least an hour. Once we had gotten enough seaweed in our hair and sand in our bathing suits, we ran out and perched ourselves on top of a small cliff overlooking the beach. What was so special about it was because it was such a cold day, we didn’t see a single other person on the beach and it felt as though it was our own little world. Ever since then, the ocean has been my happy place.

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rainy beach day with Reyna and Nina