by maddyrotman1


Its every girl’s dream to travel to the big apple with their closest girl friends for an ultimate city experience. Somehow, this past summer, this dream of mine came true when my dearest friends and I ventured to New York City for a week of a lifetime.

It all started when my teeny tiny dance team from Santa Barbara went to a three day dance convention/competition called The Pulse in Las Vegas, NV. We got to take classes from some of the world’s most sought out choreographers and perform in a showcase one of the nights. Incredibly, out of all the insanely talented dancers featured in the showcase, my company’s dance was selected along with two other dances from other studios to perform at another Pulse showcase in the one and only NYC (you can imagine the screaming that occurred when we found out).


After a couple months of planning and figuring out every last detail of what the week would entail, we packed our bags, kissed our palm trees goodbye, and headed across the country. As someone who has relatives on the east coast, I had been to New York a fair amount of times beforehand. However, I had never seen it like this. I’m not sure if it was the fact that I was much older or that I was with all my best friends (unsupervised most of the time), but something about the trip made me fall in love with the city in a way that I had never previously experienced.


Three things I’ll never forget from the trip:

1) Eating dinner at a very hidden restaurant that overlooked ALL of Time Square.

2) Running across the street in flowy pants, trying not to get run over by relentless cab drivers and falling flat on my face (my pants also decided to fall down).

3) Getting up and trying to recover by running even faster across the remainder of the crosswalk and falling (more like sliding) on the hard black concrete AGAIN. This time I didn’t have to worry about cab drivers running me over because they were all laughing at me so hard, it was basically impossible for them to drive.

There you have it folks, my fabulous and not so fabulous adventure in the concrete jungle!

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all photos taken by Maddy Rotman