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Hey there foodies!

Summer. Every teenager’s favorite time of the year. With the stress of high school finals and AP tests becoming all to real, I’m starting to drive myself crazy. As I stayed home sick today, I decided to take a peak at some of my summer photos to remind myself that although these next two months will be hectic, the three months that follow them will be the best three of the year.  Today’s post is in honor of throwback thursday and a look back at one of my favorite summer dinners.

June 16th, 2013: After going on a beautiful afternoon hike in the canyons of the Santa Barbara riviera, my friends and I wound up downtown with slim wallets and big appetites. We decided to go to what is now one of our favorite burger joints, Eureka!. At the time, this exciting new restaurant was only a couple weeks old and I’m pretty sure these pictures were from my first time trying it (now, we’re considered locals there). Eureka! is praised for their “gourmet” burgers  composed of incredible home made buns, fresh vegetables, and adventurous aiolis. My personal favorite is the Napa Burger which is topped with an oven roasted Roma tomato marinated in olive oil and vinegar, pesto aioli, havarti cheese, fried pancetta, and arugula. The cinnamon and honey sweet potato fries make an unbelievable side to the Napa, or really any burger for that matter! The combo of unique food and a super cool New York City loft-type interior make Eureka a definite favorite among Santa Barbara locals. Swing by and give it a try!

Bon Appetit,


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Sophie, Ava, and I on one of our favorite hikes

all photos taken by Maddy Rotman